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Adam Necrason


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In 1996, while in his final year of law school, Adam was recruited by Michael Sirotkin to join his Burlington, Vermont law firm as a litigation and lobbying associate. In 1998 they formed Sirotkin & Necrason, moved to Court Street in Montpelier, and grew to become one of the top government and public affairs firms in the state. After Michael’s retirement in 2014, the firm transitioned to Necrason Group.

Adam is the architect of the firm’s consistent, strategic approach to government and public affairs advocacy. He is a constant, professional presence in the state capital. He specializes in message framing, media action, and connecting the firm’s clients to the action.

Adam relishes a challenge and is always navigating for a win on the merits. He is a proven expert at leading coordinated, modern advocacy campaigns, securing public investment, politely protecting business interests, enacting and implementing groundbreaking laws, solving complicated crisis’, providing a steady hand to professions facing changing times, and challenging the status quo for the underdog.

Adam regularly works with the leaders of Fortune 100 companies, Vermont businesses, public interest groups, trade associations, quasi-governmental agencies, and progressive utilities.

Adam lives in Jericho, Vermont with his wife Diana and their children. They are 10 years into the rebuilding of a dilapidated 1860 farmhouse, which is a family project they are glad is never-ending.