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Government Affairs

O ver the past 20 years, our team has built strong relationships across government, media, business, nonprofit and advocacy sectors in Vermont. We’re the firm that can strengthen your messaging and connect you with the key elected officials, thought leaders and community groups who ultimately shape public policy. We will create an advocacy and communications strategy that is custom tailored to you and your specific goals.

If your interest is engaging Vermont government to create change, maintain sound policies, or deliver services that make Vermont better, our team has a proven public record and the skills to help you succeed.

  • Strategy design and implementation
  • Decision maker outreach: legislative, administration, and executive
  • Nonpartisan political navigation
  • Crisis resolution
  • Partnership and coalition building and management
  • Contract procurement
  • Message development
  • Issue tracking
  • Capital brand development
  • Network and supporter cultivation and mobilization

Public & Media Relations

Strategic Consulting

State Contracting

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Opening New Markets

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Fight Against Climate Change

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Fair Professional Regulation

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Good Business Matters