Recycling: A Free for All

In the age of technology, responsibly recycling our old televisions, computers and more is a challenge. Working on behalf of Vermont’s local public sector solid waste agencies, Necrason Group led lobbying efforts to create a popular electronic waste law that requires the electronics industry to fund a convenient and free recycling system for electronic waste.

We’ve also worked to enact recycling policies for paint, CFL bulbs, organics, and daily consumer products, and in 2023 led the effort to enact a first-in-the-nation extended producer responsibility (EPR) law for hazardous household waste (HHW).


Working with our clients, Necrason Group accomplished the following:

  • Permanent conservation of 30% of Vermont land by 2030, and 50% by 2050
  • Product stewardship laws for paint, organics, batteries, and light bulbs
  • Enacted new dedicated funding for cleaning up water pollution in lakes and rivers
  • Regulated large-scale, heavy cutting for the protection of forests
  • Enacted forest integrity legislation to enhance the long-term viability of working forests
  • Banned plastic microbeads from personal care consumer products
  • Enacted comprehensive mandatory recycling and composting law