Common Sense Gun Violence Protection Measures

Vermont was one of the most liberal states for firearms purchase and possession laws in the nation. In 2014, Necrason Group engaged a fledgling advocacy group to focus, activate, and grow this major campaign for change. State capitol action on firearm safety is no longer a “third rail”, with laws passed for universal background checks, a minimum purchase age of 21, a ban on new high-capacity magazines, and an Extreme Risk Protection Order system, and most recently a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases.

The Necrason Group has been incredible.

U.S. Representative Becca Balinton Necrason Group’s role in state firearm safety reforms

The Necrason Group were like the older siblings I never had and always needed. They were wise and protective of me and simultaneously encouraging and empowering as all get out.

Ann Bradenfounder of GunSense Vermont

Necrason Group worked with our clients to lead the following: