Common Sense Gun Violence Protection Measures

Vermont was one of the most liberal states for firearms purchase and possession laws in the nation. On a pro-bono basis initially, Necrason Group was tapped by a fledging advocacy group called GunSenseVT to focus, activate, and grow this major campaign for change.

In 2015, we moved state capital action on gun laws from an untouchable “third rail” to a legitimate issue with the enactment of a state ban on possession by felons and other minor reforms.

Learning from this work we created strong alignment between the local and national movements and were ready when the Governor responded to a threatened school shooting by being open to bigger changes. After a divisive debate, in 2018 we celebrated enactment of a universal background check law, a minimum purchase age of 21, and a ban on new high-capacity magazines.


Necrason Group worked with our clients to achieve the following:

  • Vermont’s Death With Dignity Law: After a 13-year grassroots campaign and immense public and political engagement, Vermont became the first state in the nation to legislate the right of a terminally ill patient to control the timing and manner of their imminent passing.
  • In 2018, after 14-years of enacting incremental reforms, Vermont became the first state to legislatively legalize adult possession of cannabis.