Common Sense Gun Violence Protection Measures

Vermont was one of the most liberal states for firearms purchase and possession laws in the nation. In 2014, on a pro-bono basis, Necrason Group engaged a fledgling advocacy group to focus, activate, and grow this major campaign for change. State capitol action on firearm safety is no longer a “third rail”, with laws passed for universal background checks, a minimum purchase age of 21, a ban on new high-capacity magazines, and an Extreme Risk Protection Order system.


Necrason Group worked with our clients to lead the following:

  • Vermont’s Death With Dignity Law: After a 13-year grassroots campaign and immense public and political engagement, Vermont became the first state in the nation to legislate the right of a terminally ill patient to control the timing and manner of their imminent passing.
  • In 2018, after 14 years of enacting incremental reforms, Vermont became the first state to legislatively legalize adult possession of cannabis.
  • Over a four-year process, led the successful effort to guide a Constitutional Amendment protecting Reproductive Liberty through the legislative process prior to voter approval.