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Public & Media Relations

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P ublic narrative matters. As you frame a debate, manage a crisis or launch a campaign, you’re also telling a story. It’s your most powerful public outreach tool. Are you using it effectively?

We work at the intersection of public narrative and public policy, where craft meets strategy and where clarity counts. Think of all of your outreach platforms and how you’re using them now. We’ll help you optimize your outreach and root it in narrative, so that people understand why your story matters.

Our state is small and our communities connected in unique and traditional ways. We understand Vermont geographically and culturally; we’ll help you take your message straight to the people through a time-honored, locally rooted approach that employs the best digital and traditional outreach for network mobilization.

  • Strategy design and management
  • Message development, reframing and management
  • Media outreach
  • Earned media strategies
  • On-line and social media advocacy
  • Grassroots organizing and network mobilization
  • Corporate responsibility campaign strategy
  • Polling

Government Affairs

Strategic Consulting

State Contracting

Winning a state contracting bid.

State Contracting

Pupils At Montessori School Raising Hands To Answer Question

Everyday Childcare

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All For Clean Energy

All For Clean Energy